I woke up to the pitter patter of the rain drops that fell over the roof this morning.
I looked at my window, it sparkled with tiny drops. I smiled.

Getting out of my bed, I made my way to the garden. I looked beyond the gate on to the
lane which was covered with a delicate sheen and pleasantly accepted the rain fell with
a silent noise.

As I stood there ,barefoot, amidst the pouring droplets from the sky painted grey,
I felt,I saw, beauty and serenity unbound.Each drop, I felt, contained within it, a bundle
of joys untouched, unopened. And at the moment they met the ground, burst open the
secrets that lay within them.
My heart was overjoyed to the distant call of a Mynah.
The different shades of green provided a weird sort of relaxation to the eyes.
Sinking my feet deeper into the blades of grass, feeling the moist earth that lay beneath me,I realised ,then, the difference that lay between a bustling city and a quiet town.

Slowly I felt my whole body being overtaken by a strange numbness as if I had gotten
assimilated into the entire scene.
I enjoyed watching the rain fall as I felt dissolved into the water drops being absorbed by the earth.
I was happy.


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