Splendidly Khan.

Khan market is located almost at the heart of the city. Counted as one of India’s most active retail market, it is always buzzing with activity. Being a foodie, with Khan, I associate some really good cafes and bistros. Route 04 is a really cool and happening joint and personally, my favourite.As college goers, we have hung out alot there.Besides that, Market Cafe,Urban Cafe,Chonas,Side Wok all are great place to eat out.

I, along with my friends have always had an amazing time there. Be it digging into Mississippi mud pie at Big Chill Cafe one day and going completely health freak and eating at Subway the other day or being interviewed by random news channels. Not to forget, the innumerable trips to Khan just for that mouth-watering roll at Khan Chacha’s and shawarma at Al-Bake accompanied by the deliciously delectable cookies at Mrs. Kaur!

For that new hair do you’ve been wanting all season , the market has some amazing salons as well.  Also, if you are lucky enough, you end up spotting some celebrity or the other out there. However. one shouldn’t miss how pretty the market looks during festivals such as Diwali, Halloween and Christmas. Khan Market also has some good lighting stores where I go often with my dad.As a kid, I was always fascinated by the small pet shop located just round the corner. Till today, it continues to absorb me.

All in all, I love the market and have some fond memories there
and if you are new to the town you just know where to go!


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  1. this is so true, i love khan, and this little paragraph gave me an awesome ride back to my school days’ masti!!!

    keep it up!!

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