Mindless Mind

There was a spark I coludn’t see.
Now, there is a fire I can only feel.
It has generated this tumultuous upheaval inside me.
My heart is pounding.
The beats increasing by the second.
Reverbrating,resounding constantly.
I am lost.

Conflicting thoughts race through in my mind.
Just like a flash of lightning,they don’t last for long.
I am wounded.
I forget, but I want to forget forever.

It strikes me again. My mind succumbs to the endless injuries.
Envisioning it elementarily, I am in two places at once.
In high spirits,I want to revert back.
I want to remove that particle from the cog wheels of my mind that halts my operation.
But the particle is immovable.
Am I helpless? I ask myself.
No, comes the answer. I am obdurate.
Unyieldingly, I still have to live for the hope of a luminous tomorrow.
Heated and intense thoughts become pale and still.
Why can’t it decide for itself? Is it just a mindless mind?
And I get lost again.


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