Winds of Change

While taking a stroll this evening on my terrace, the setting sun streamed into my eyes and across my face went a cool breeze.  It was one of those days when I was at peace with myself and I realised that winters would be just round the corner in a month’s time. With the soft winds that went through my hair, I felt encompassed with a quaint sort of an emotion.  Autumn was here. And autumn, to begin with, was not a very cheerful season. But for me, happiness lay in all seasons. This was the time of year when the afternoon sun didn’t feel so warm on your skin, when you could enjoy a cup of tea even at noon, when even the withering trees had something to offer. It was like some kind of a cleaning period.Owing to the prolonged nature of monsoons this season, the summer hadn’t been too harsh either.  Nature is unpredictable and could be devastating every now and then. Monsoons had been dreadful this time. With the rising river waters flooding many parts of the country only to spoil the forthcoming harvests, it was havoc for most part of the rainy season.

As I sat on my terrace sipping my coffee and took a walk down the memory aisle, I remembered how, just like nature, I too had changed. I had transformed a lot. And I hadn’t changed just for good. And this was where the bad part rested. Somehow, sometimes, you are so overwhelmed that you never get to know where the winds have swayed you to. As if you were in a dream, and you don’t realise till you open your eyes to find out how far you have drifted. And just like in a dream, it gets impossible to trace the origin.

But the better part came with realisation, although not timely enough for me. Realisation is a prerequisite for any kind of correction or positive change. And there is no time such as ‘the right time’ to correct oneself. One could get going any time. Like I did, because, everyone has a memory book containing some dark precedents that none wishes to recall. Fortitude and endurance could do wonders. And yes, you hold the capability to do almost anything in the world as long as you believe. So , don’t get carried too far away because your roots determine where you come from and make you who you really are.

The noise of the kids playing in the park behind my house brought me back .My coffee had become cold and the sun set and I had a content sentiment inside me as I made my way to the staircase.


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