So, is this it?

So is this it?

 Did I get lost in transit?

I spun my own web only to get caught.

Without realising, turned into something I am not.

All my efforts went in vain.

Stranded all alone on life’s hard terrain.

Who goes sailing when the sea is rough?

Reassuring myself I said,” It couldn’t be so tough.”

They say it’s hard to believe. They say it couldn’t be me.

How I wish I could choose what I want to see.

Pinch me once. I think this is a dream.

Reality and idealism  mock at me together, as if a team.

The never say die attitude is there no more.

 No smiles to share and fun galore.

What to do? Now that I am here.

Its not so easy to collect myself and shun fear.

I admit I  faltered but,without knowing.

But they just  say, its all a part of growing.


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