Winter Musings

121067-stock-photo-human-being-city-tree-sun-winter-streetThere is definitely a happy feeling in the air that travels right now. People around me are happier and less complaining, even with occasionally callused palms, shaky inhales and gloomy skies. The nip in the air has surely calmed down the capital city which has heated-chaos written all over its face. So what is it about winter that makes me want to pen some thoughts down each time it is around?

When 7 pm seems like 11 pm and 6 am feels like 4 in the morning! Shivering, I make my way to the balcony in those colourfully striped socks of mine, only to see if it is nicely sunny or is it beautifully hazy. Is it that curiosity, when I don’t know what the next morning is going to give me? And then while I am still standing there soaking-in the winter, is it about a smile that appears on my face when I see the neighbour’s pooch in a cute red coat?

Is it snuggling under a layer of blankets and not wanting to get up, snoozing my alarm for the fifth time? Writing my name and drawing a smiley on a fogged car-window? Or is it the endless cups of tea and mindless conversations at that obscure dhaba close by? Maybe, it’s the infinite hours of sitting in the sun by myself on a sun-kissed Sunday afternoon and not getting bored. And then to my surprise, I see a small pile of groundnut skins and exclaim, ‘Did I just eat those many?’ I will comfort myself by saying that many of us are familiar with that moment.

And while I am driving back from work, seeming strange at first, a ‘V’ tends to look familiar. I suddenly remember my Geography teacher! Yes! A sweet sight of silhouettes of the migratory geese slowly drifting against an ochre canvas. That happy feeling? And as it becomes darker, the roads become vacant, lit only by a few streetlamps. That unearthly glow that runs across the sky that I have started to fall in love with? Or is it those chatty-happy evenings with my mum over a bowl of soup? Undoubtedly, nothing is better than a hot and hearty soup to warm me up on a cold day. And that plump yarn ball that gradually became smaller as those wrinkled hands worked tirelessly all summer to make me that cute muffler I just can’t wait flaunt with pride!

Perhaps it is adventuring into wilderness on a bike in the dead of the night or the lone auto-rickshaw ride back home. Starting a conversation between me and the chill, where my nose-tip is the first to emote. Or maybe, relishing that nocturnal solitary walk, no matter how cold it might get? The stillness, only broken with the sound of my breath as it puffs out in frozen clouds as my boots hit the road.

Now, let us not forget our dear winter acquaintance. Like an adjective is to a writer, Old Monk is to a pale winter evening. Have it with just water, with cola or with salt and lime as a shot, this dark rum is sure to warm up the evening. So is it about the uncountable and comfortable Old Monk nights?

While I am still figuring out, this one reason is my favourite. There is no better season to cuddle tightly into an embrace.

Of lights, love and laughter, of that warm Christmas corner, of that desolate street with a pretty foggy view. Hello winter! I sure love you. ❤


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  1. People around you are happier and less complaining? Surely you are referring to office peeps! 😛

    “Rather” well written i must say. 😛

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