From The Shoe Box Under My Bed

So on a warm Sunday afternoon while I was visiting my parents, I decided to take upon the onerous task of sorting my room. While the warm March sun poured in through from the cotton curtains in my room, I nicely placed myself on the floor with a cup of tea, all ready to go through some of my old stuff which was nicely concealed behind drawers and under the bed. And while scrambling through things, dating between old and ancient, I found this unfamiliar dusty big box. And because it was unknown, I wanted to open it first. Playing Pandora, I became curious to know what lay inside. After removing layers of dust, I opened it. It had a big bundle of papers wrapped in a clear plastic bag on one side. On the other side some other stuff lay that was tucked away neatly.

As I slowly unwrapped the two bundles, my eyes started to shine with excitement. To my wonder, it was a collection of all sorts of small little travel curios from all over the world that my father had put together as a child. Honestly, he was one lucky chap. Because both my grandparents were professors with the government, they got to travel and stay abroad and of course, teach. And who benefitted from this? Yes, my dad.

So what you will now see is an assortment of all things travel – from old maps, to hotel bills, passports, post cards, boarding passes, this is true treasure! What I have done here is sorted the little curios country/ continent wise, styled and photographed them.

Hope you have as much fun as I had putting this all together! 🙂







*All pictures are original and bear copyrights on them.


3 thoughts on “From The Shoe Box Under My Bed

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  1. Your copy is as descriptive as a photograph and your photographs speak a thousand words. For your dad this must have been a trip down memory lane. For you it must have been an experience documenting history. A very nice photographic essay.

  2. Hi myself gogreen,I read u’r articles. There are osssam.A true depiction of the nature with photos.
    Follow me on Twitter @IgogreenI
    Jesus bless u….:)

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